New Big Guy cover!

Finalized Dark Horse Presents Vol. 3 #1 last week. It’s a good one, guys and gals, so get ready! This is the variant cover. It’s out in August. 
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"My family made me come. But I hate it. I can’t get a job because I have a lot of accent. I was an assistant manager at a big jewelry store in the Dominican Republic, now I clean tables. We had a big house there. Now we live in a small apartment. If I was home right now, I’d be in a very nice restaurant, on the beach, laughing with my friends. Not sitting alone on a bench, trying to learn English. There I was a princess. Here I am an immigrant. A servant."
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There’s nothing worse than stinky ass kids that haven’t showered in days
Standing on front of the fan

Like why? When did your fear of water start dude?


i hope everybody is staying cute and hydrated

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If you’re going to throw out your opinion on the Central America refugee crisis but you don’t want to / aren’t going to critically examine the U.S.’s role in fueling this crisis or the U.S.’s role in the creation and spread of transnational gangs and drug demand and trafficking that the refugees are fleeing

You can sit right the fuck down.

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<b></b> my mom:</b> are you sure you want the 20 piece mcnugget isn't an eight piece enough<p><b>me:</b> ...<p><b>my mom:</b> didn't you just eat a fish sandwich<p><b>me:</b> ...<p><b>my mom:</b> ...<p><b>me:</b> *takes deep breath* we teach girls to shrink themselves-- to make themselves smaller<p><p>
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